“The owners and coaches care about everyone that walks through the door. Always willing to help with trouble areas or movements. The welcoming atmosphere and great members/coaches make it easy for anyone to walk in.”

– Spencer Wallace

“Highly experienced coaches that break workouts and lifts down in an easy-to-understand way and who take the time to learn each athlete’s abilities and push you to improve in a safe way. The environment at the gym is great too – no judgment, everyone is friendly and encouraging. I’ve made incredible progress since joining Sixth City.”

– Brian Rockwell

“I joined CSC about a year ago. Because of my job, I never got a chance to consistently workout. Sometimes it would be weeks before I drop back into the box. Despite that, I saw good results over the year with a couple of PRs along the way. I worked with the Coaches Jeff, Adam, and sometimes Megan. They were all awesome and attentive! The coaches are always giving me pointers, pushing me for better form and strength, and certainly welcomed my questions. I certainly feel that I have improved in my techniques over the year despite my sporadic visits! Their hours are great too. When I moved to Cleveland, I looked through many of the boxes’ schedules and CSC was the one with the latest/earliest classes. Program wise, we had a good range of cardio and strength building. They started an endurance class too but I never got to participate in that. Overall, I think this gym would be a great place for anyone interested in CrossFit, newbies or veterans. While Many of the members seems to have done CrossFit for some time, the atmosphere and environment are not intimidating for someone new to it. Each time I go, I leave as if my entire being has been broken down and reconstructed into something better. It’s my therapy session. Amusing fact: you can also occasional get a whiff of the coffee being roasted from the company next door.”

– LK

“I started CrossFit almost 4 years ago. I have been members of numerous gyms within the Cleveland area and CSC is the best box in Cleveland.

CSC has some of the best coaching around. Every class starts with a warm-up that includes intentional stretches to focus on the main muscles that will be utilized later in the WOD. Not all gyms do a great job of warming-up their athletes, but CSC places a lot of time on proper warm-ups and cool downs.

From their programming, to excellent coaching, to their welcoming community, CSC has it all. Beautiful and large facility right in the heart of downtown Cleveland. If you are looking for a new “home” gym in Cleveland or looking for a great place to drop-in while out-of-town, CrossFit Sixth City is your place!

– Stacy Hargreaves

“Being a full-time student at CWRU, I had a free school gym right across the street from my dorm. Instead, I chose to take a 45min bus ride every afternoon to and from class to work out at CrossFit Sixth City. Not the greatest commute living in the bipolar tundra of Cleveland, Ohio, but it was all worth it. I love everything about CSC. From the programming to the coaching to the people you’re working out with every day. Coming to CSC was a way for me to tune out the rest of the world for an hour and enjoy a great workout with awesome people. Whether you’re just starting CrossFit, or looking for more competitor, CSC caters to all athletes. Thanks to CSC, I’m in the best shape of my life and avoided the “Freshman 15.” Everything I attribute to my success as an athlete today comes from my dedication to CrossFit. I would have never gotten to where I’m at today without Coach Adam and CSC. Don’t waste your time looking around, this is one of the best CrossFit gyms in Cleveland.”

– Max Lamb

“Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful–they take care of you and know what they’re doing. No matter who you are or what fitness level you have, these dudes will work with you and help you get to where you need to be.

– Chris Schwab

“Three of us dropped in while we were in Ohio for a wedding. It was fantastic! Staff was so friendly, extremely professional, obviously take safe functional fitness very easily. The gym itself was great, very well organized and laid out.”

– Lucy Gubbins

“Been with CSC since it opened in downtown Cleveland. Very accessible from the freeway. If you are looking for excellent coaching in a motivating environment, this is the place to be. Team CSC pushes you to your maximum. I have made tremendous progress by working out at CrossFit Sixth City. You should drop by for a work out and you will not be disappointed. CSC gets the top grade: A +.

– Puneet Garcha

“CrossFit Sixth City/CSC provides a balanced, professional and challenging programming with a friendly and fun environment! The coaches really care that YOUR performance during classes and one/one sessions are YOUR best and always motivate and help. Many parts of CrossFit are tough and they are excellent guides to leading the way through these. My athletic capabilities are at a lifetime high, which as a master is amazing! The elimination of health issues while getting stronger and fitter is a preferred lifestyle this community supports. The best!!!!”

-Linda Glynias


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