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CrossFit is our core strength and conditioning program. It combines a strength-building program with fun and varied conditioning work. Our CrossFit program includes classic weightlifting –cleans and snatches, bodyweight and gymnastic movements – like push-ups, pull-ups, handstands, jumping and dips, endurance training –running and rowing, and power lifts –squats, deadlifts and presses. This creates a comprehensive fitness program that focuses on proper movement, builds strength and increases an athlete’s capacity for work.

The goal of our CrossFit group program is to build more capable humans by increasing our athletes’ level of strength, athleticism, and physical capacity to perform.

Completion of the OnRamp program or prior experience is required for this program.



CityFit is a total body, high-intensity group-training program. The focus of this program is on moving… a lot! Similar to our CrossFit training program, it focuses on constantly varied movement to produce results. Unlike the CrossFit training program, CityFit does not utilize barbell movements as a primary mechanism for increasing strength. Instead, it utilizes bodyweight and gymnastic movements, as well as endurance activities such as running and rowing.

This program is engineered to make you faster and fitter through intensity and simple straightforward movements.

Completion of the OnRamp program, or prior experience is not required to for this program.



OnRamp is our introductory program for new athletes. It will prepare you to accomplish your fitness goals. You will learn all of the movements and modalities utilized in our CrossFit and CityFit training programs through proper movement analysis and education. The program runs for one month and includes five one-on-one sessions with a highly qualified coach and trial period upon completion of the one-on-one sessions.

OnRamp is required for all athletes interested in joining the CrossFit group training program. Those with CrossFit experience are able to test out of this requirement.



We all start in different places and take different paths to achieve our goals. Personal training is offered by our coaching staff for a variety of options – running mechanics, supplementary training programs, skill development, nutrition counseling and goal setting. Supplementing your group training with personal attention is the best way to take your training to the next level. Contact us to learn about our trainers specialties.



Drop-ins are single or weekly visits for CrossFitters from other cities in Cleveland for a short amount of time. We love having drop-ins join us for class, but ask that they contact us ahead of time as classes can fill up, and have previous experience training in a CrossFit gym. If you are in Cleveland and would like to start CrossFit for the first time, please contact us directly. Our daily drop-in rate is $20 or a clothing purchase, and our weekly rate is $40.



CrossFit Outside The Box is an outdoor workout series we run during pleasant weather months in Cleveland. We utilize outdoor venues like parks, beaches and public recreation fields to offer members and the community a training environment that takes advantage of the positive emotional benefits of being in nature.



We are now accepting drop-ins from the ClassPass app. CrossFit classes require completion of OnRamp or prior CrossFit experience. CityFit and Endurance classes do not require prior experience. To learn more about the ClassPass app, visit the link below.


“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”


“It always seems impossible until it is done.”


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals


Each class starts at the time shown on the class schedule. It is up to the class coach to decide whether or not late arrivals are allowed to join the in progress class. Their decision is final.

  1. When possible, be early. We all have things we want/need to work on. The best time to accomplish this may be before class.
  2. Clean up after yourself and respect the facility and equipment. Classes run throughout the day and evening each day. Please clean up after your workout and take care of the equipment as you would expect it to be taken care of upon arriving for class.
  3. Track your progress. Knowing what you have done before and how you are progressing is important. Whether you utilize the ZenPlanner tool on this site or another tool, it will aid in your progress as an athlete.
  4. Attitude is everything, in life and in your long-term success in fitness. Success means something different to everyone. Work hard, have passion and support your teammates.
  5. Check your ego at the door. As coaches, one of our primary goals is keeping athletes safe. The biggest threat to this is the competitive ego.
  6. Nutrition is more important than training. Eating and drinking the right nutrients is the most important thing a person can do for their health. We love to help with this. Just ask.
  7. Sleep is actually important. Your brain may be able to handle it, but that doesn’t mean your body can recover and rebuild. Without recovery, the body will never improve and you will never accomplish your goals.
  8. We are a team. On a team, communication is important. Bring things to the coach’s attention, their job is to help.
  9. “Can’t” does not exist. We do not speak this word. You won’t or you are not able to YET.

Long-term membership contracts are offered to our athletes to incentivize a long-term commitment to their own fitness priorities. For this commitment, athletes are offered a lower monthly membership rate. If a contract needs to be cancelled before completion, we require that the member pay the difference in what their rate would have been on a shorter-term contract.

We offer all athletes the option to place their memberships on one month holds in light of injuries or health issues that may arise. These requests must be submitted to Coach Jeff in a timely manner before the first of the next month.

Membership cancellation requests must be submitted to Coach Jeff at least 10 days before the next monthly charge is due on the first of the next month.


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