Introducing CrossFit Sixth City’s Sweatiest Angel for the month of May 2018 – Marty Horvath!

The Sweatiest Angel award is given each month to the Sixth City athlete who displays significant work ethic, a willingness to support others, and a true sense of team camaraderie inside the gym. Read about previous CrossFit Sixth City Sweatiest Angels HERE.

Marty has been at CrossFit Sixth City for almost a year as one of our lunch class members. It is a class time predominately populated by the same core people, and Marty is one of our most consistent members. They are a group of people with different goals and different starting points, but all push and support each other daily in the pursuit of their goals.

Marty is far from done, but the results his hard work has earned thus far are nothing short of awesome. In the last two years Marty has lost 90 pounds, 65 of which since starting CrossFit. We believe the key to Marty’s success has been his consistent commitment to making change for the better and holding himself accountable. He has been consistent inside the gym and out. Each morning when Marty wakes up he spends half an hour on his airdyne bike at home, and consistently pushes himself to keep moving throughout the course of the day. Not only has this shown in crushing airdyne WODs at the gym, but is just another signal of his dedication on a daily basis. It is often the smallest habits that make the biggest differences.

Congratulations to Marty, CSC’s Sweatiest Angel!

Marty performing a push press mid workout.


Sweatiest Angel Interview

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Marty: Almost one year.

What do you do when you are not at CSC (hobbies, occupation, etc)?

Marty: I’m a CGI artist at TRG Multimedia. I like boating, fishing and playing guitar.

What is your favorite WOD/movement?

Marty: Bench press. Muscle-ups are fun despite the fact that I’m not very good at them yet.

What is your LEAST favorite WOD/movement?

Marty: Lunges

When did you come to find CrossFit and realize it was for you?

Marty: The first couple WODs I thought I was going to die… I did not. Because of that I realized I was going to benefit a lot from CrossFit.

What were your expectations when you started CrossFit?

Marty: Increase endurance and lose some weight.

What are your goals for CrossFit?

Marty: I want to water ski this summer. Still have more weight to loose.

What has your experience been with CrossFit?

Marty: I really like how encouraging everyone is. I feel like I refine my movements all the time because we have awesome coaches. After seeing coach Megan do a handstand push-up 8 1/2 months pregnant no one can ever question her commitment.

One thing you’ve done at CSC you never thought you would do?

Marty: Front squats, front squats, front squats!!! Burpees were really difficult too when I first started.

What advice would you give someone just starting CrossFit?

Marty: Just do it! I had no idea what I was capable of until I had to beat the clock.