Introducing CrossFit Sixth City’s Sweatiest Angel for the month of March 2018 – Roy Miler!

The Sweatiest Angel award is given each month to the Sixth City athlete who displays significant work ethic, a willingness to support others, and a true sense of team camaraderie inside the gym. Read about previous CrossFit Sixth City Sweatiest Angels HERE.

Roy’s a classic example of many of our members who are doctors and nurses and can have crazy schedules that can unpredictable. We got used to seeing Roy at class here and there, whenever he could make it in around work and studying. His greatest challenge was consistency. Then several months back Roy said he wanted to upgrade to an unlimited membership. We were excited because we knew that his schedule would finally allow him to train like he’s always wanted to. Since then Roy has been possibly our hardest working and most consistent athlete, and has found great strides in his fitness.

Roy is a great example of the reality of fitness for a lot of people. Especially here in downtown Cleveland where we have a large population of young professionals, especially those in the healthcare industry. Sometimes our work schedule demands do not allow us to pursue fitness in an optima manner. But that does not prevent us from being the same dedicated person and maintaining the same goals. Our careers can get in the way of many other aspects of life, including fitness, but holding true to the lifestyle we want to have is what keeps up dedicated to our own health and wellness, and will have us primed to take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself.

Congratulations, Roy!



How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Roy: Technically, I’ve been coming to CSC for 3 years, but the programming makes it feel like every day is a different and new challenge. If I could structure my perfect day, I’d wake up early with a cup of coffee and CrossFit. Hydrate. Eat. Do 3-5 surgeries. Hydrate again. Eat again. CrossFit again (endurance this time). Cook dinner for Swathi, my fiancee. Unwind. Repeat. The most important part of that entire cycle is repeat.

What do you do when you are not at CSC (hobbies, occupation, etc)?

Roy: I’m a vascular surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. I operate everywhere in the body there’s a blood vessel from head to toe. A lot of what I do is to prevent strokes, prevent blood vessels from getting too big and exploding (yes, that can happen), and prevent zombies (without circulation, a part of the body can die, and a zombie is part dead/part alive, so yes, zombies exist and I fix them).

What is your favorite WOD/movement?

Roy: I appreciate the challenge in all of the WOD/movements. No favorites.

What is your LEAST favorite WOD/movement?

Roy: Surgical residency was challenging. Part of what got me through it is not complaining. I don’t plan on complaining when it comes to CrossFit, either. I just “listen” to my body and if I feel like I’m ready to perform the workout, I go do it. If not, I scale it.

When did you come to find CrossFit and realize it was for you?

Roy: When it gave me the strength and resilience to get through challenging days during my surgical residency.

What were your expectations when you started CrossFit?

Roy: I expected to get injured doing CrossFit. Although the risk is there, I actually find the opposite to be true. The reality is surgery is a technically/physically demanding profession and CrossFit helps keep me in the right physical/emotional shape to do my job better.

What are your goals for CrossFit?

Roy: Rule number 1 is no injuries. Everything else stems from that. If I’m not consistent about coming, I get injured. If I’m not flexible, I get injured. If I’m not hydrated, I get injured. That personal rule of “no injuries” is like a beacon that guides me to do the right thing for myself as the scenario and situation changes.

What has your experience been with CrossFit?

Roy: Happy to be here. I feel like besides the physical strength and conditioning, there are psychological benefits to CrossFit. When I proposed to Swathi, I just did a countdown in my head like prior to every WOD and just did it. Also, I’m more efficient at work because of CrossFit – I gotta leave to catch Jendurance or CityFit! Patient care will always come first, but I find ways to be as efficient as possible.

One thing you’ve done at CSC you never thought you would do?

Roy: Come to my second class. It took me two weeks after my first WOD to physically recover and come back. Never thought I would Rx a WOD, but I did a few months later. I’ve had a couple days when I came twice – never thought I would ever manage that, either.

What advice would you give someone just starting CrossFit?

Roy: Follow rule number 1.