The CrossFit Open

Each year the beginning of the CrossFit Games season comes around with stage 1 – The CrossFit Open. While 99.9% of us will not be competing at regionals, this is still a truly awesome time of year! Everyone gets the chance to compete in the same event and check their own progress from year to year. A couple of years ago we decided to create an annual in-house gym competition called the Intramural Open where teams inside of the gym compete weekly during the CrossFit Open to earn points for their teams through WODs and camaraderie. It has been a blast every year through five weeks of Friday Night Lights and a final sixth week outside the gym.

This year we decided to change it up a little bit and invite our friends from CrossFit CLE to join. Thus the 2018 Downtown Cleveland Intermural Open was born. During the five weeks of the CrossFit Open this year, we held events at alternating locations on Saturdays and through a final week and party at Forest City Shuffleboard. Overall, it was an incredible event with so many athletes competing and pushing themselves and each other to perform feats of fitness they have not accomplished before.

Downtown Cleveland Intermural Open

Week 1 is usually the week where a team needs to come out and make a statement – perform well and grab the spirit points before the other teams get organized. Team Blue Wall Balls did just that. While they scored the second most points in WOD 1, they grabbed the 10 spirit points and hit the ground running with a 4 point lead.

Top performers for the week were Brandon (355) and Katelyn (330), both of the Blue Wall Balls. We also saw many athletes complete not only their first Open WOD this week, but also their first competition WOD and first Rx toe to bar WOD!

Week 2 presented a whole new interesting challenge – two WODs, one short and intense, and a second max effort lift. This was a stark difference from week 1, but the Blue Wall Balls held firm. They split the weekly spirit points with the Purple Parrots, won the men’s WOD (Brandon – 6:25), and had the top two lifts for both the men (Brandon 300, Akshar 265) and women (Katelyn 219, Bianca 175).

Week 2 was the week that the Blue Wall Balls really took a hold of this year’s DCIO by capitolizing on double scoring system. Pictured below, Katelyn with an awesome 219 lbs clean!

In week 3 we saw “The Separator” – ring muscle ups! The dreaded gymnastic movement that tends to create separation between teams. Behind the weekly spirit points, The Red Banded Misfits were able to tie The Blue Wall Balls with 47 points. Following just behind was The Dark Black Demogorgons with 45 points. Along with muscle ups, the true point story this week was the consistency of The Blue Wall Balls. As with the next two weeks, they were the only team not to record a zero.

Regularly celebrated in The Open each year is our first time muscle uppers. This year we’re proud to announce the first accomplished muscle ups for Tom and Jody! Also, a shout out to Kristi for crushing 12 muscle ups!

In week 4 we found ourselves face to face with another challenging obstacle in the “Diane+” AMRAP handstand pushup requirements. The new standard really showed us who has worked on perfecting their handstand pushups technique and rewarded them with high scores. The Blue Wall Balls had a huge week totaling 69 points, even without scoring any spirit points that were awarded to the second and third place teams this week, The Dark Black Demogorgons (43) and The Red Banded Misfits (35).

This week Bianca (117) and Brandon (116) led the way for The Blue Wall Balls capturing first place for the women and men, followed by Katelyn in second (111) and Iva in third (99) for the women.


Week 5 was the final week of the workout portion of the Downtown Cleveland Intermural Open, and it was a classic taste on Fran! The Blue Wall Balls (52) came in with a strong lead and held firm. The Dark Black Demogorgons (57) and Purple Parrots (49) came out slugging and gave it everything they had though, with the Demogorgons backed by the Week 5 spirit points and two first places finishes from Maddy (109) and Kyle (116), giving them what seemed like a strong hold on second place going into the final week.

Each year the final week of our in-house competition involves a round of competition outside of the gym (bowling, corn hole, laser tag). This year we headed over to Forest City Shuffleboard and threw down with a team shuffleboard tournament. In this year’s Week 6, The Purple Parrots dominated. Racking up pretty much every point possible, including Kristi and Steph taking the crown and swinging The Purple Parrots into a second place finish overall.

The Final

In the end, it was a strong and consistent performance from The Blue Wall Balls week in and week out that earned them the 2018 Downtown Cleveland Intermural Open Championship. Lead by the competition MVP, Brandon Smith, The Blue Wall Balls won three WODs, earned 15 spirit points and showed up to complete the five open WODs more consistently than any other team. The final 2018 DCIO standings were:

  1. Blue Wall Balls – 327
  2. Purple Parrots – 291
  3. Dark Black Demogorgons – 249
  4. Neon Ninjas – 209
  5. Red Banded Misfits – 204

Congratulations to The Blue Wall Balls, champions of the 2018 Downtown Cleveland Intermural Open!