You only have to complete the OnRamp program if you are interested in a CrossFit classes. Endurance and CityFit classes do not require OnRamp. We require it for the CrossFit group classes for your safety and anticipated success. Many of the movements you will perform in CrossFit take instruction to learn and perform safely. We have found that teach many of these movements to new people is much more successful in a one-on-one or small group atmosphere.

Not necessarily. Anyone with experience in the movements we utilize has the option to test-out of OnRamp. We test 12 basic CrossFit movements under a minimal load to make our determination. These tests must be scheduled with Coach Adam or Coach Jeff and only take about 15 minutes.

Class starts at the time indicated on the schedule. Be there. Instructor-led group warm-ups commonly start five minutes after the indicated start time as the first five minutes are usually allocated for housekeeping and introduction activities.

This is completely up to the coach in charge of that given class. Often times, the answer will be yes, but the coach has the right to decide how much of the class you may participate in. For example, the coach may have you skip the that day’s strength session in order to warm-up for the WOD.

The hours during the week allotted to class time are for the purpose of our group training programs, not open gym activities. However, we recognize and believe in the importance of additional supplementary training and allow members to take advantage of additional gym space before and after class to perform any supplemental training programs that our coaches have programmed or signed off on.

We love drop-ins from out of town! We require that all out of town drop-ins contact us ahead of time at [email protected] or reserve their spot in class on ZenPlanner. We also require all out-of-town drop-ins to have three months of CrossFit experience or have completed an equivalency of our new member OnRamp program. Our daily drop-in rate is $20 or a gym t-shirt for $25. Our weekly drop-in rate is $40.

Yes, drop-ins paying the daily or weekly rate are entitled to open gym hours and group classes.

The first class is always free to local residents interested in our programs. We require prior notice as some of the busier class hours are not available to first-timers. Contact us at [email protected].

We would love to sit down and learn more about you first. Contact us at [email protected] and one of our coaches will contact you to schedule a time. During that meeting we will discuss your goals and make suggestions on which of our programs are best suited to help you accomplish them. Our group CrossFit program requires completion of our new athlete OnRamp program before entering coach-led classes, but the CityFit and Endurance Programs do not. A coach can walk you through these options and help you choose the option that’s best for you.

Yes. There is a three month expiration from the purchase date on all punch cards.

Of course not. Helping you get in shape and accomplish your fitness goals is the point of our CrossFit program. To read more on this, check out our Newbie Mindset blog post.

More than likely, yes! All situations are different and we would have to hear about your injury first, but adults with old injuries seem to be about as common as adults with no injuries. Every day we have athletes that need to modify workouts because of old sports injuries, limitations, etc. There is still opportunity for you. Contact us!

Many of our personal coaching rates are not in fact that expensive for a major city. In fact, our group class prices are very affordable when you consider that the personal attention you will receive in class would be significantly more per month if you worked with a personal trainer somewhere else. We are professionals coaches and believe in delivering a professional service that offers significant value to our clients for the price.


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