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Your Only Limit Is You

CrossFit Sixth City first opened its doors for business as Cleveland Strength and Conditioning in January of 2014. Since then, the coaches of CSC have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals, develop healthy habits and accomplish feats they never thought possible.

We have coached people from all walks of life. From competitive teams in the CrossFit Open, to someone struggling through fitness plateaus; from a masters competitor qualifying for the CrossFit Games, to someone who has never touched a barbell in their life. Our foundation is built on commitment to you and the will to help you achieve your goals, and that will never change.

We are all unique and diverse individuals driven by our own fitness goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your diet, reduce physical limitations, improve your overall health, or simply increase athletic performance, we believe you deserve the opportunity to pursue those goals with first-rate coaches. You belong in a community that encourages and supports your success.

Our programs combine CrossFit with core strength and conditioning methodologies that have been proven over time to increase cardiovascular capacity, strength and set you up to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. We offer a variety of classes including our traditional CrossFit program, our endurance program, our non-barbell CityFit class, and personal coaching.  Each of these classes are led by professional coaches dedicated to helping you accomplish your own unique fitness goals.

What Makes Us Different

  • Scientific Principles: We draw from evidence based fitness methodologies that have survived the test of time and are backed by scientific research.
  • Diversity: Cleveland is a diverse and growing city, and our community reflects that. At our gym you will find people with diverse experiences that help make our community great.

  • Community: Unlike traditional gyms we encourage you to get to know your fellow athletes. We foster an environment for you to develop positive relationships with like-minded people.

  • Equipment: Our 5000-square-foot facility is stocked with top of the line equipment and specifically designed to give you the tools you need to be successful.

  • Passion: We love this shit! Even if we were not coaching professionally, fitness would still be our passion. Every day, we walk into the gym on a mission to create a fun, yet challenging environment that provides our members with the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life.


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Jeff Brannigan
Jeff Brannigan

Jeff is co-owner, head coach and programming director at CrossFit Sixth City. You can find him running AM classes, AM open gym, coaching some of our busiest PM classes and on Saturday mornings at the competition class.

Growing up in a family of teachers has driven him to help others achieve their goals, and is the greatest influence on his career in fitness. Personally, he has an affinity for barbell movements and the pursuit of strength has always been a focus of his own training, but his philosophy is that fitness is a journey that is to be explored in as many ways as possible; a marathon not a sprint, and should be viewed as so.

As a youth Jeff, played football and lacrosse, and was a wrestler. As an adult he has competed in CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, and once ran a marathon. He believes it is important to branch out of your training comfort zone and try new things, and looks forward to helping CSC athletes do just that on the way to realizing their fitness goals.

Jeff has a B.A. from Ohio University and many training certifications through CrossFit as a Level 2 Coach, including CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Weightlifting (Olympic style weightlifting), and CrossFit Mobility. He is also a USAW Sports Performance coach.

Adam Daugherty
Adam Daugherty

Adam is co-owner, head coach and business manager at CrossFit Sixth City. You can find him coaching the PM classes during the week, including CrossFit and City Fit, and some weekends as well.

He has been coaching CrossFit classes and one-on-one clients full-time since 2012, after beginning CrossFit himself and earning his Level 1 coaching certification in 2011. However, Adam has been training himself and helping others since 1998.

Adam’s background is in business with a B.A. in Business from the University of Mount Union and an M.B.A. from the University of Akron, but has also had fitness and training as his true passion. He is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer including CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Strongman and the CrossFit Pregnancy and Postpartum Strength Seminar.

All his life, Adam has had a difficult time standing still. As a kid he played baseball and basketball all-year-round and always wanted to be outdoors doing something. Not much has changed to this day. After playing baseball through college, he was looking for a competitive outlet and found CrossFit in 2011. After competing at the Central East regional in 2012, he has spent more time focusing on training others, but plans on giving the 35-39 master’s division a run in 2019.

For Adam, training others and helping them achieve their fitness goals is the perfect blend of a life-long passion and the ability to leave a positive mark on the world.

Jennifer Britton
Jennifer Britton

Jen is the Endurance coach at CrossFit Sixth City and an assistant coach for our CrossFit classes. You can find her at Endurance classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 12:00pm, as well as coaching CrossFit in the mornings.

Coaching has allowed her to tap into her love of teaching. She previously taught for 12 years and has been able to pass on her second love, running, to the athletes at CSC.

Jen coaches because teaching people has been and will always be a passion of hers. She says there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone learn or achieve something. But also because she really enjoys yelling at people!

Jen has a B.A. in Writing from Cleveland State University and a M.A. in Education from Ashland University. She has been a CrossFit and Endurance coach for one year, and previously a high school track coach for two years. She is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and a CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Ambassador.

When she was a kid Coach Jen ran track and played basketball, but was a self-described drama/band nerd who wanted to be a Broadway star or band nerd when she grew up. Fortunately for us, she also became a very good endurance coach! She has been running for 17 years and has been doing CrossFit for two years since previously competing as a triathlete for eight years.

Recently, Jen’s fitness has allowed her to fulfill her love for the outdoors by affording her the strength to carry a pack on long hikes through many of the beautiful national parks in the United States.

Megan Keele
Megan Keele

Megan is one of our CrossFit coaches at CrossFit Sixth City and can be found running classes throughout the week at lunch, some evenings and the weekends. As much as anyone we have ever seen, she gets real joy out of seeing her athletes succeed and get stronger both physically and mentally.

She coaches because she loves helping others. She believes seeing personal and physical growth in another person is one of the most satisfying things you can experience and knowing that you are a part of that change is an exceptional feeling. She also really loves being at the gym. Like all the time!

Megan has her B.A. in the Science of Nursing from University of Akron, is currently obtaining her Master’s in the Science of Nursing, Nurse Educator from Cleveland State University and has her National Certification in Medical-Surgical Nursing, CPR/First Aid, Basic Life Support and is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach.

When she was younger, her father pushed her to play a sport every season, but Megan mostly took to softball, soccer and basketball through high school. Prior to CrossFit, she spent some time training as a runner, including marathons. But since 2012 Megan has been doing CrossFit and competing competitively for the last couple years. She is proud that since doing CrossFit she has been able to run a half marathon with significantly less training than before.

She didn’t always want to be a nurse and fitness coach. When she was a kid, Megan wanted to be a cook and a photographer. Now she posts a lot of pictures of her food.

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